RE: SOC/BIO: Frito-Lay campaign

From: Billy Brown (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 12:59:12 MST

Zero Powers wrote:

> I know the general consensus is that GM food is OK. But the same thing
> thought about such things as cigarette smoking, silicone breasts and
> thalydomide (sp?) once upon a time. Sure maybe GM stuff is
> harmless, but my goal is long life. I ain't taking any chances ;)

Actually, people have suspected that smoking was bad for you ever since
Europeans discovered tobacco. It just took a long time for medical science
to reach the point where it was capable of deciding the issue in a
convincing, scientific manner.

Now, it the case of GM foods, medical science is already perfectly capable
of addressing the question of its safety. There isn't anything going on
here that we haven't been dealing with for years in drug safety testing.
Therefore, we have no more reason to be suspicious of GM foods than we do of
a new pharmaceutical.

Of course, I'm all in favor of letting people make their own decisions. By
all means, let us make sure that people who are worried about GM foods can
avoid them - but let us also make sure that those of us who aren't worried
can take advantage of their benefits.

Billy Brown

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