Re: Hello again...

From: Emlyn (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 01:33:55 MST

> > In Netscape, the button on the message list header row that has four
> > lines on it is the button to hit to sort messages into threads, and it
> > threaded messages by the message references in the message header.
> Yes, I use that often, but it gets spoofed on the extropy list quite
> often- some posts don't get assigned to their threads properly. I
> suppose I should look into the details to see how and why this happens,
> but I'm not that ambitious right now.

The incoming mail from this list is the most difficult to file away that
I've found. That's a bastard, because it also has very high traffic.

I find that, no matter how many different rules I set up to catch incoming
extro mail, and send it to my extro mail folder, some always leaks into my
inbox, because the mail is sent to some alias the sender has set up, or
because the mail goes to an old server long since gone the way of the
dinosaurs, but still redirected to Most other lists I've come
across have little tags in the subject line for sorting mail. Can't we do

Oh I forgot, we have to be different. $@#@$%


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