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> This is all understood, however someone my age (32) with no health risks is
> not
> likely to die anytime in the near future in a manner that is likely to
> the
> brain in any condition to be worth preserving. This is IMHO the main
> why
> cryonic suspension does not gain more adherents, combined with the
> perception by
> the public that even if you are preserved and revived that you will be
> revived as
> an old person, not as a young person. Others I have talked to have said
> they
> couldn't imagine being considered sane by a future society when they are
> revived,
> due to their current attitudes as well as due to pure culture shock. I
> buy
> those excuses, except for my first one, and I'm leaning toward getting a
> suspension deal set up.

I know we've all covered this before, but with so many new folks, perhaps
it's worthwhile going over some old points. First, the time to buy the life
insurance you'll need is NOW - the sooner you act, the cheaper it will be. A
non-smoker under 40 can still get VERY inexpensive life insurance. Even
smokers and even older folks can get relatively inexpensive insurance, but
for you, Mike, you'd be amazed at how inexpensive it is.

Second, with emergency medicine improving all the time, the circumstances
under which even a young person might die and still be a good suspension
candidate are not completely out of the question.

Finally, as to concerns about the circumstances of reanimation, I've always
thought that almost all of the more probable reanimation scenarios are such
that there will be some significant thought given to "easing the transition".
 If there's no one around to help you get your bearings, there will also
likely not be someone around to reanimate you, anyway.

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