EXI ADMIN: I will be away for a few days

From: Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 10:54:39 MST

I hope I have everyone's sympathy when I tell you that I will have my Net
connected temporarily amputated for a few days, as I will be away and I'm
not taking a computer with me. (However, the pain of Net
separation--especially from my new DSL line--will be more than compensated
for by the great time I'll have skiing in Telluride with the love of my life.)

Today will be busy, but I'll try to respond to any urgent ExI matters. From
Saturday until Thursday, please address any ExI-related questions to ExI
directors who are active on this board (Greg Burch and Robert Bradbury).

BTW, I never responded to a few messages sparked by John Grigg's mention of
a project I'm working on. Somehow the idea arose that I was working at a
start-up and was warned of burn-out etc. Just to defuse misunderstanding--I
am not an employee with stock options in a start-up. I am consulting with a
company without that kind of pressure. You can see some of the results of
that work (still in an early stage with much content and functionality to
come) at www.manyworlds.com. Anyone interested in the "New Economy" will
love the site!


Max More, Ph.D.
President, Extropy Institute. www.extropy.org
CEO, MoreLogic Solutions. www.maxmore.com
max@maxmore.com or more@extropy.org

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