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From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 16:11:37 MST

Robert Bradbury wrote:
The first country that mandates "peaceful" "smart" people is going to have a
huge competitive advantage.

I agree with you! In this nation right now, so many very high-paying jobs
that require advanced technical and scientific skills simply go begging!
Ever look at the state and federal want ads for computer people?? lol

I realize much of this relates more then anything to a population not yet
generally educated to fill these positions. Perhaps, in another generation
there will be in fact keen competition for all the jobs that currently a
struggle to fill.

Ultimately though, since high intelligence tends very much (but does not
promise) to give greater odds of educational and career success for the
individual, I don't see why the same would not be the same for an entire
nation. Just watch out for the "island scenario" that occurred in "Brave
New World!" Everyone an alpha could lead to problems!

Of course, even a society where everyone had a 180+ I.Q., there will still
be a wide variety of talents and interests that will channel people in many
different ways. When genetic engineering can also determine that, the
social engineering part will get VERY interesting. I could see governments
being seen as tyrannical if they did this sort of thing but somehow I would
guess "loving" parents could get away with it!

What I envision is a national program that will enable "poor" parents to
have basic genetic engineering packages done to their offspring so that
there will not be a huge gap between the genetic have's and have-not's. A
package might include resistance or immunity to various ailments and a
certain level of intelligence raising to a certain level to make the
offspring competitive in a challenging world. Now, if you are a wealthy
parent, you go to a private and expensive clinic to have the latest and
better genetic upgrades put into your next generation.

There are some who may say, "this will never be allowed in the U.S. or
Europe!" But if nation's like mainland China allow (or even encourage)
genetic engineering of their populations then it will become a matter of
"national security" to allow this. A biological arms race?


John Grigg
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