Re: Extropian finder service?

From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 14:21:46 MST

Sasha <> asked:

> Could we create a searchable database of extropians

        I think this idea dovetails with my desire to create an online
database of all extropian members tied in with the extropy portal.
Whenever someone joins extropy, even if only a free membership, we'd
create an entry for them in the database. We could provide a password
protected way for members to updated various information fields
associated with their entry via the web.

        We could allow members to do various kinds of searches for
just such purposes.

        Each person would be assigned a permanent extropian ID. Max
would probably get ID #1, and various other long time extropians would
be given low id numbers based on when they started to get involved in
the extropian movement. We'd dole out successive id's as new people
signed up for the first time. Smaller IDs and earlier join dates
would be more prestigious.

        We'd keep a history of all contributions that person had ever
made to the extropy movement. Information as to whether a person's
paying membership had expired or not could be obtained from this. (Of
course some of these fields would be set up not to be changeable by
the owner of the record, except by actually making dues payments and
so on and so forth.

        I'm working on the new extropian books list interface. I'd
like to allow people with paying extropy memberships the ability to
"vote" on what books they think should be on (and in what order) a
dynamic composite extropian book list for the extropian book store.
In order to do this I must have a database of paid up extropian users
to allow them update access to their own "voting" book lists.

        We've got the MySQL database, java servlets... set up on the
extropy portal for just such purposes. I'm moving in this direction
with all this but it's going to take a while for me to do it all
alone. If anyone else has any ideas (Max, how could I get and
maintain a list of paid up extropian members?) or if anyone wants to
help out with such an effort that would sure be great!

        I think such a system would be a great resource for the
extropian community for these ans many other reasons. What do you all

                Brent Allsop

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