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Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 11:19:18 MST

At 02:29 AM 2/17/00 -0500, "Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote:
>upgrade wrote:
> > <snip>
> > I'm toying with the idea of setting up a Deep Anarchy list.
> > "THE STATE" <>,
> > Max coined the term "Deep Anarchy.")
> >
> > According to Max T. O'Connor (aka Max More):
> > <snip> "Deep Anarchy" is the view that results from these
> > thoughts; it is the idea that we already live in an anarchy."

>Its not totally a bad idea. Considering how much libertarian thought has
>been shaping politics the last ten years, it does seem to be working a
>bit. The problem is that in joining the establishment, your goals become
>diluted, and the people wind up with a sweetened, more palatable and
>managable version. Witness how socialists in the democratic parties of
>the west were able to turn former laissez faire economies into compound
>economies of mercantilists using socialist governments to manage and
>dopify the people, and to allow and organize the externalization of
>mercantilists costs. Because of this, there was never a revolution of
>the proletariat in the west.
>To establish a true anarchy a 'Deep' anarchy, the nihilistic methods
>must be used as taught in the ChiCom schools.

A main point of Max's article is that we already have anarchy,
so there's no need to establish it. To me it seems that coercive
political systems are complete hoaxes. Deep Anarchy is the
view you have once you recognize the deep nature of coercive
political systems.

>Entice the establishment
>of powerful police forces and the abuse or negation of civil rights.
>Atrocities ensue which trigger further rebellion and calls for more
>fascism. There are key points where events can be interrupted to
>establish either fascist totalitarianism or anarchy, and the key to
>which way the population chooses all depends on the propaganda war.
>This does not necessarily need to mean actual physical violence in the
>real world. Since more of the economy is moving to the net, cyber
>terrorism takes on new power, as seen by events in the last few weeks
>with DoS attacks on prime dot com websites. The problem is figuring out
>how to entice opressive measures by government over the net. It
>currently seems that the government is resisting the reprisal/repression

The purpose of the list probably needs to include exploring
what strategies and tactics may be necessary to persuade
people to adopt the Deep-Anarchy view. And once people
have the Deep-Anarchy view, what freedom strategies should
they practice?

>Anyone who looks at the back seat of my Cherokee knows I at least live
>in one... ;) I'm not so sure about the rest of you.
> > The purpose of the list might be to explore the deepest aspects
> > of coercive political systems, including the possibility that all
> > current coercive political systems are complete hoaxes.

Maybe, what needs to be looked at and seen is that the
individuals who masquerade as "government" (so-called)
are engaged in a gigantic hoax. How can anyone form a
different conclusion after studying Max's article?

> > Anyone interested?
>Certainly, so long as it doesn't get inundated by anarchists who are
>closet socialists (the whole Eugene gang).
>Mike Lorrey

Initially the list could be promoted to libertarian and
anarcho-capitalist types. After it has 100+ subscribers
and has been going for a month or two, it could also
be promoted to other anarchists.

Maybe means can be found to bridge the gap between
right and left anarchists. In an anarcho-capitalist world
with property rights, left anarchists can acquire property
and can, on that property, implement socialist systems.
Provided they don't attempt to coercively impose their
systems on others, they wouldn't disturb harmony.

The list guidelines could spell out how right and left
anarchists might coexist harmoniously. Attacks between
right and left anarchists would be discouraged. The list
would be moderated.

Frederick Mann

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