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From: Loree Thomas (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 08:28:41 MST wrote:
> What is probably implied by this study is that the more one interacts on the
> net, the less 'real' or 'in the flesh' interactions with people.

Obvious on the face of it... there are only so many hours in a day.

> Sure, one
> can definitely grow intellectually on the net, particularly among the
> extropian/nano group of people, but emotional sustenance, and your ability to
> psychologically interact with family, friends, and others is definitely not
> going to be enhanced by spending lots of time reading and e-mailing on the
> net.

I'd have to disagree with that, just from personal experience. I jumped in to
the online world about 7-8 years ago. My first five years were marked by
involvement in flame war after flame war. I had strong opinions and took
offense easily (besides which, the average person is DUMB!). As time went by,
however, I started to mature and I learned how to interact with people online
(harder than in real life because of less bandwidth and therefore no nonverbal
clues as to emotional intent) in a less confrontational manner.

I don't do flame wars anymore. I learned, I grew, I matured. The lessons
learned have translated into the real world as well. My ability to interact
face to face has been enhanced by my online experience.


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