All Sentients' Day (in isolation apparently)

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Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 06:03:19 MST

It appears as if Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
|Hmmm... I wonder exactly who we are talking with on the net. OK, a
|quick survey: how many of us are AIs, posthumans, jupiter brains,
|fictional people, uplifted squids, dogs or internet protocols?

And of those, how many would like to tell humans of their existence?

Would they not, considering the human tendency to eliminate that which
they do not understand, think it wise to avoid informing the humans of
the competition? If they wish to survive, that seems a rather logical

Do you tell dogs on the Internet you are a human (if you are)?

...and now for Something Completely Different:

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Subject: All Sentient's Day
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This message comes to from a human cemetery, locally under control of a death
cult(oid) religion.

It appears as if the celebration of the ``All Saints' Day'' will commence soon.
It occurred to me that one would wish to replace this with something less
death cult(oid) and more positive, and transhumanist/extropian.

How about an ``All Sentients' Day'' instead?

[Anders, ``Alla Persons Dag'' in Swedish !-]
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