Re: Predictions by Kurzweil

From: Darin Sunley (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 00:58:13 MST

John Clark wrote:

> Brent Allsop <> Wrote:
> >"what is it like to be a bat?"
> Someday you might know what it's like for Brent Allsop to be a bat
> but you'll never know what it's like for a bat to be a bat because if
> you did then you wouldn't be Brent Allsop anymore.

What if I ask what it's like to be a bat that remembers being a human and asking
what it's like to be a bat?

To ride the Diaspora hobbyhorse again, like having a 2-dimensional visual cortex
but remembering having a 4 dimensional one.

Darin Sunley

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