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From: Joe E. Dees (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 17:07:49 MST

From: "Billy Brown" <>
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Subject: RE: Hello again...
Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 17:03:31 -0600
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> Joe E. Dees wrote:
> > I do not want to see the legitimate evolution and advancement of
> > extropian ideas and ideals once again drowned out by paramilitary
> > antigoverment piffle. If you do, that's your business, I guess.
> Our respective positions on the issue are irrelevant. The point is that it
> is not your place to tell others what they may and may not post.
No, it is the list administrator's prerogative to reinstitute a once-
before-instituted ban, should the rampant and wanton militia
memebotcy formerly bedrenching and deluging this list recurrently
infect and inflict it.
> Billy Brown

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