Re: Punk Rock chit chat, Anarchism, and Atheism

From: Gina Miller (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 16:55:21 MST

Yes, I understand, I often feel compelled to open my mouth about all the
technofuture interests I have to people who may not be aware of these type
of subjects. I find it stimulating to hear others viewpoints in response as
well, even if it is not the same as my own. Open ears, leads to an open
mind, which can progress to new perspectives. Or, at least give me new
opportunities to questions I may have not considered answers for.
The print outs, to Jello? It was two years ago, I can't recall, I used to
carry around a backpack, with books and blah, blah, I happen to have some
print outs from offline inside. (most likely from the foresight website,
Engines? I'm not sure)

> One would hope. I think it's cool that you did that; it's a hobby of
> for me to try to get people from some of my diverse interests interested
> my other interests (wow, that was interesting). For instance: educating
> Anarchists about nanotech, pointing the Extropians to Anarchistic
> <nudge list>, and Atheism for all, of course. I'm piecing together a wee
> webpage (see below) to help facilitate such a thing; it's still in its
> infancy though. Might I inquire as to what printouts you gave Jello?

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