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Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 19:19:01 MST

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<< Wordy means "using more words
 than necessary to express thought."

That is exactly how I meant it and I stick by it.

<,Robert Bradbury pointed out
 Robert delves into complex concepts where his powers of expression and
 strong vocabulary are sometimes very necessary. >>

: - ) OK OK ...more precisely, many long and flowery words!!! Actually it's
quirky, and amusing, and I didnt mean it as an insult, but I am glad that
everyone came to his side, since last time everyone came to e-shaun's side.
So he can see how the list is really pretty fair.
Wordy he is. Probably I am too, come to think of it. I just don't use such
fancy words.. I'd confuse myself.
Not that I mind, really... in person I think I'd be fascinated by a man who
did that. Probably it rolls off the tongue quite lovely-ly, I'd relax, sit
back and listen and enjoy.
                But reading it makes my head explode!

easily confused,
I liked his reply most of all!! (Oh, well... ; - ) .

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