Re: Sampling vs. Stealing songs

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Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 18:16:47 MST wrote:

> But in today's song market it seems really strange to sue, because today's
> music is so dirivative!

Hello? Do you think you could make a bigger generalization next time?

> And then using other musician's music even to the
> point where we are actually USED to hearing stolen music. We expect it!
> Dubbing and using sound clips is normal now... yesterday my neighbor was
> sampling James Brown.. that's wrong...

Why is it wrong? The issues are very complicated here. Ever listen to
hiphop? A whole genre of music, deeply meaningful to a very large audience,
which couldn't have existed at all if it weren't for sampling and 'stealing'.


John von Seggern
digital DJ -- producer -- bassist
Digital Cutup Lounge
Hong Kong

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