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From: Gina Miller (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 17:52:04 MST

(More on Jello) You know, when I saw him at his spoken word, considering his
topics of concern with nuke pollution, starvation and poverty, afterwards,
he hung about to talk with people and I told him about nanotechnology. He
had no idea what I was talking about, but showed some interest. (gave him
some print outs) Whose to say how much of that was basic courtesy, or how
much was genuine. I'd like to think, he read over the material, especially
with this political directive.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

> >Yeah, I recall Lard: (was stoked about that)
> >I think Ross digs Danzig, (I'm gaga for the Misfits) so were not _all_
> >alone. Even Natasha likes Dead can Dance, not all together punk rock, but
> >within the genre, (I have some of them) About your last line, there's
> >something admirable about that isn't there. "question authority" <?>
> >G
> Yes, admirable indeed. I like to agitate processed nourishment myself,
> though I'm afraid I pale in comparison to Master Jello. Hmmm, now that I
> think about it, simply expounding transhumanist ideas would seem to be its
> own form of shitdisturbing, albeit (usually) unintentional.
> There's a brand spankin' new Lard album called _70's Rock Must Die_.
> Haven't bought it yet though. Interestingly enough, I'm off to the local
> Goth/Industrial club this very evening where Dead Can Dance is known to be
> heard. I saw them live a few years ago in Chicago; they received no less
> than three standing ovations.
> -Travas
> >
> >From: Travas Gunnell <>
> > > One can always count
> >on
> > > Jello stirring shit somewhere.
> > >
> > > -Travas
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