cryonics feasibility and the scariest analogy I have ever heard....

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 17:21:32 MST

Robert Bradbury wrote:
Scale the cells up to the size of your living room after you've let a dozen
4 year olds have a free hand with it for a couple of hours. Is
there anything there that you can't put back in order, patch
or replace if its truly broken?

I love the analogy. Four year-old kids are the destructive equivalent of
cell fracturing from freezing!! lol But the analogy could be flawed in that
there still may be much more about the nature of memory that we don't know.
I am happy to hear that the quantum theory about memory seems to be false.
I look forward to you reading the Mike Darwin paper even though it is
somewhat dated(1994).

Believe me, I want to be totally on your side of things but this is my
life(and memories) we are talking about and that of every other cryonicist.
Saul Kent and Charles Platt are not so convinced and will be doing
fundraising down the road for a new brain suspension research project.

Already, the current 21st Century Medicine breakthoughs are really
incredible! Charles Platt wrote about them in detail in the "Cryonics"
magazine. It is a huge leap forward in terms of controlling the damage from
freezing and yet the problem seems to be getting these techniques adopted by
the cryonics organizations out there. For the next person who is
cryonically suspended, they should be implemented as soon as possible! I'm
not sure what the snags are stopping this.


John Grigg

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