Zeb shares the funniest story I have heard in ages....

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 12:38:22 MST

Zeb Haradon wrote:
His roommate walked into the room and saw the from line and said "you know
someone named Zeb Hard on?". When I look up my name in altavista (to see if
pages have been indexed), their spell check asks me "maybe you meant

I laughed out loud when I read this! You poor guy! It is pretty funny
though. I wanted to write as my subject header, "Zeb Haradon, porn star!"
In your case, unlike fictional George Constanza, the software was picking on
you and it was not something you chose for yourself!

best regards,

John Grigg :)

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