Re: immortality and being stuck in time...also body mods

From: Jeff Davis (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 03:48:49 MST

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 09:24:51 -0800
Ralph Lewis <> mentioned:

>Yea, and I wonder how many guys would like to be like Angel, inshape, good
>looking and never aging or having to go to the gym to keep the pounds off.

I plan to acquire the Tom Selleck model body, nestle into the sand of
Redondo Beach, California or a duplicate thereof, have wrap-around
sunglasses, and that splotch of white sunburn goop on my nose, play a mean
game of Volleyball, and look very, very smug. You're all invited to join
me for a Latte at the cafe on The Strand, my treat. This may indeed seem
to some rather pedestrian and lackluster, but it's a fantasy, er, career
path I've been planning for some time. When I'm not at the beach, I'll be
engaged in my job share arrangement as co-emperor of the universe. While
no one can have the Jupiter brain all the time, the few milliseconds you
get when it's your turn feels like a lifetime.

                        Best, Jeff Davis

           "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                                        Ray Charles

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