Nomadic Lifestyles:Portents of the future?

Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 23:07:25 MST

As I've mentioned before...I'm the ultimate street person. I see about ten
thousand miles a month of street. I'm what you'd call nomadic.

Or to be more precise I drive a truck. A big rig. Heavy Metal.

I mention this to illustrate a point. I manage to survive. As a matter of
fact I like what I do. In fact...when I retire in twenty or forty years I'm
gonna buy a motor home and see america.

There are a lot of motor homes on the highways. I wonder how many nomads
there are? Wanderers like me who have no permanent address. Who pay no
real estate taxes (not that I don't pay I ever).

When I started this lifestyle it was unthinkable to log on to the internet
from a's almost common now.

That being the case how difficult would it be to pursue an "info-career" from
a mobile platform?

Just a speculating...

Amarillo Tx (was in kansas this morning)

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