Re: What this list needs is an enema!! (taken from Batman: the movie)

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Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 18:43:18 MST

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Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 4:29 PM
Subject: What this list needs is an enema!! (taken from Batman: the movie)

>Neal Marin wrote:
>I'll second that... my mom walked into the room as I was cruising my
>inbox...fortunately I managed to switch to another folder before she saw
>subject line 'hot sex'...but that was still a trifle...close.
>Whew! Closecall! Just explain to her about the list if she comments.
>Other subject headings I have thought of are...
>"get your hot steamy sex right here!"
>"God's wrath is upon this list for the wickedness of it's members!"
>"DO NOT let your parents read this!!"
>"Sasha says, "talk to your kid's about masturbation!"
>(Sasha, if you were ever put in charge of national public service
>announcements, you would make Jocelyn Elders, the former surgeon general,
>seem boring by comparison!)
>Maybe Max should make one of his public service announcements among us and
>let us know that young impressionable extropian minds need mature examples.
>Hey, I'm working on it!
>One reason I enjoy this list is because we can kid around but keep it
>best regards,
>John Grigg
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I shouldn't be posting anything at all myself. I sent an e-mail to a friend.
His roommate walked into the room and saw the from line and said "you know
someone named Zeb Hard on?". When I look up my name in altavista (to see if
pages have been indexed), their spell check asks me "maybe you meant

Zeb Haradon
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