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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 15:02:14 MST

>It seems that the rate of development of technology would necessarily be
>limited by the rate at which the new technology can be assimilated by the
>users, assuming that the users are directing the development. So long as
>humans are in charge, it seems that they would not allow technology to
>advance any faster than they wish it to advance. And if humans were not
>in charge, and technology were advancing on its own, as for example by
>the actions of intelligent robots, it seems that humans would seek to
>isolate themselves from the new technology so long as it is too advanced
>for them to use or to benefit from it.
>Ron Kean

Two thoughts:

(1) Seems obvious to me that we humans have *always* wanted technology (at
least our own, as opposed to our enemies') to advance as fast as possible,
no holds barred. Given the fact that, to us short-sighted humans, better
technology means more power, wealth and convenience there has hardly ever
been any resistance to technological advancement. (Yeah I know about the
Luddites and the Amish, but what effect did either of those movements have
on the advance of technology?) Thus, unless humanity suddenly changes its
tune, the rate of technological advance will proceed as fast as our
scientists and engineers can push it.

(2) Given that better technology has historically meant more prosperity with
less effort, I doubt that humanity will want to isolate itself from
intelligent robots. Assuming the robots are (1) not hostile to us and (2)
willing to allot some of their prodigious resources to the care and feeding
of us humans, I think the majority of humans will be glad to live side by
side with them. I think that even when technology is “too advanced for [us]
to use or to benefit from it” we will still be intellectually curious enough
to be interested in the dumb-downed summary explanations the robots will
give us of the progress they are making. Given their intimate knowledge of
human intellect, I’m sure they’ll be able to explain it to us so that at
least are best scientific and technical minds can grasp it somewhat. As for
the rest of us idiots, what difference will it make to us, all we will know
and care about is that we are free to do whatever we want in an open ended
world. Who cares if we don’t understand it. Personally, I don’t understand
the mechanics of jet technology, but its good enough for me that I know I
can fly to Europe in a matter of hours whenever I want to. I may not
understand it, but I have no desire to isolate myself from it.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

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