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From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 00:45:07 MST

Neal, jumbled or not, you sound like you have it way more together than
I did at fourteen. Best wishes to you always.


Neal Marin wrote:
> --- Sasha Chislenko <> wrote:
> > You are big boys and girls already, you should not
> > hide from
> > parents anymore with printed word "sex".
> *ahem* I don't know about everyone else on this list,
> but I'm fourteen and five feet short.
> >And you
> > should have
> > brought up your own kids to be free (otherwise, why
> > the hell
> > did you produce them?).
> I didn't know people produced children; I thought they
> gave birth to them.
> > And you should program the
> > mail
> > filter to recognize the extropian list.
> >
> > And prepare to exhibit a lot more courage than this
> > if you
> > ever want to get anywhere.
> > Will you hide all the hedonic body mods, uploading,
> > and all
> > the other stuff, from your conservative moms, kids,
> > and neighbors?
> > Or do you expect that someone else will work to flex
> > their
> > worldviews? Who exactly do you think it should be?
> > Or you want your parents (and kids?) to die before
> > you can
> > speak freely? And are you sure that your *kids*
> > can't handle
> > the topic of sex? Or maybe, it's you?
> >
> You do have a point; however, I think perhaps that you
> haven't seen all sides of the argument before stating
> your opinion, and your method of stating it was more
> than a little accusatory.
> It is pretty much naturally engrained into parents
> that they need to protect their children from certain
> things, sex being one of them. It is a social thing
> more than a natural thing, I think, but one that is
> none the less very present. I know; often enough I see
> my parents hastily switching channels when my little
> sister enters the room.
> Sex is a fact of life. Not everybody does it, but
> everybody has one (or more!). It is inescapeable in
> society because of procreation being the one of the
> main drives of our species. However, many adults, and
> teenagers, feel that it is being introduced far too
> early. I admit I'm one of them; I know
> fifteen-year-olds who know more about copulation then
> some adults. It is understandable why many parents
> seek to shield their children from that situation for
> as long as possible, although it doesn't always work
> and kids generally realise what its all about by the
> time they're twelve, although they don't always
> generate an interest in it then.
> In some societies sex is perfectly acceptable when
> introduced to the younger generations, and is indeed
> an important part of culture; however, there are many
> societies where that is not so, and it is generally
> deemed unhealthy for the younger generations to be
> introduced to the concepts. people also seem afraid
> that teenagers will overeact to any kind of sexual
> stuff and attempt to gorge on it. Their opinion may be
> right on some accounts, but it is also wrong on
> others; I've seen naked people before (on tv), the
> majority of my sex education coming from Monty
> Python's the Life of Bryan....and my general reaction
> is comparable to this:
> "oh, is that what a naked male looks like? Hm. Ah! I
> have a book on black holes in from the library...I
> should go check it out...I wonder if there's anything
> good on I called Skye yet
> today? We should probably get together this weekend
> and work on the computer...or write something...oh, I
> have a book plot..." Only much more complex. And
> jumbled.
> But that's just me; I can't derive the entire
> population from myself and a few friends. Continuing
> onward...I seem to have lost the brunt of my rant.
> Which is probably as well, considering that I'm mostly
> repeating myself. So, before I add another six or
> seven hundred words to this, good night, or good
> morning, or somewhat inbetween, whatever the case may
> be.
> -Neal
> >
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