Re: Hot Sex

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Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 22:48:06 MST

Billy Brown wrote:

> But seriously, no, it isn't. Picture, for a moment, one of those rare
> occasions when ambiance, circumstance and mood all come together in just the
> right way, with just the right person, to create one of the best experiences
> you've ever had. That's what I think most of us want sex to be like all the
> time - a magical, wonderful, overpowering thing.
> Unfortunately, magic like that only happens occasionally. When you've been
> married for ten years it takes a lot of effort to keep sex from becoming
> just another boring routine, and most people don't succeed.

How could body modifications prevent boredom? Even if you and your partner
kept changing yourselves constantly, it wouldn't make you any more imaginative
or creative, I wouldn't think...


John von Seggern
digital DJ -- producer -- bassist
Digital Cutup Lounge
Hong Kong

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