the Queen muses... : ) (vehicles and genomes)

From: john grigg (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 02:18:08 MST

Queenemuse wrote:
>Oh yeah, driving a tank in a city is dumber thanks for the >correction

I saw a news short several years ago from England that enraptured my
bestfriend and I. Their was a civilian man in his early thirties in a large
town there who bought himself a Ferret. Not the cute, furry kind but a
British made armored car by the same name! This vehicle was designed for
speed and handling. I could not believe it as he drove down busy streets!
It was great how people really made a point to give him room. :) He did say
once he bumped a parked car's rear fender... and took it right off! Of
course, what I want is a Moller skycar.

>hmm... can't you also clone from dead cells? I fancy Leonardo Da >Vinci's
>DNA for my baby

So no man in our present era is worthy of you! Maybe if you opt for
cryonics you will find in the late 21st century younger men of "superior
breeding" who go for mysterious older women. :)

best regards,

John Grigg
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