Re: Hot Chicks: (ws) body mods making life more fun...

From: Neal Marin (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 20:35:11 MST

> The more appearance becomes a matter of choice, the
> more
> rational it is to discriminate on that basis.
> What is this obsession with people's intelligence?
> It's
> no less shallow or discriminatory than appearance,
> yet it
> seems to be acceptable to desire it in other people
> or
> criticize their lack of it.
> Discrimination is a tricky subject. All of us do it
> every day, and it is a normal and necessary function
> for
> choosing how we live, but we feel guilty about some
> of
> those choices for obscure reasons.

True...discrimination *is* a tricky subject. I was
looking at it from a one-sided point of view, going by
the strangeness of the media and not really
considering the other a way I was
discriminating on the subject. *grin* you've
enlightened a person today.

Neal Marin

"There we worked, revising mythology,
rounding a fable here and there, and building castles
in the air for which earth offered no worthy foundations."
Henry David Thoreau
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