Re: Hey, does anybody know any really spectacular sites with decent articles on DNA?

From: John Thomas (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 16:07:17 MST

At 11:58 PM -0800 2/8/2000, Gina Miller wrote:
>Try Cell:
>I do have a list of mags and journals at my website as well, click here:
>Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
>> I'm doing a project for my biology class, the
>> teacher's requesting that we dig up an article related
>> to DNA, and the only magazine I can find in my
>> parents' house happens to be Better Homes and
>> Gardens...a worthy magazine I'm sure, but not suited
>> to my purpose....*grin* So I was wondering if anyone
>> has handy any sites that have articles relating to
>> DNA? I'd truly appreciate it if someone did...and told
>> me about it...anyway. My thanks in advance,
>> -Neal

    Very nice of you, Gina... But isn't this the kind of thing that drove Amara off the Web?


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