Re: It's illegal now to play your DVD on Linux...

Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 14:40:39 MST

Sasha writes:
> In any case, it's an interesting case of criminalization of
> source code, and speech about it. So if you tell your friends
> that they can play their own DVDs on their own Linux machine,
> you all can shortly find yourselves raped in the democratic
> U.S. jails (funded at the expense of friends yet uncaught at
> other similarly horrible crimes).

I think this article gets a little ahead of the facts of the case.
AS far as I know, there is no prohibition on discussing the existence
of the DeCSS program. The two injunctions have been targetted only at
specific named defendants, three in the New York case, a few more in
the California one. And none of them forbid talking about the program
as the rhetoric of the Salon article suggests.


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