Re: Hot Chicks: (ws) body mods making life more fun...

Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 08:04:10 MST

In a message dated 2/9/2000 2:50:55 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< But maybe the future is
 going to be divided between those who conform and those who change -
 does it matter as long as it is a free choice?

That depends on your definition of "matter". If you mean do we need to
control it since it is dangerous, and should we vote to outlaw it, no.

If you mean will it effect the quality of life, of human relations, of social
systems, then yes. Everything does if it is prevalent enough. Especially body
modification would blow open the whole Anglo caste system.

One thing that COULD happen, is no longer will people be judged on race,
appearance and gender, but on how they manage (to affect and also to afford)

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