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Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 00:26:49 MST

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> I'm betting people would opt to modify their bodies to be more useful,
> well as more aestetically pleasing. For example, the foot could use a
> remodeling to take stress batter, bones could be stronger and our
> enhanced.

Ya think? <--- (practicing for when I assume a bland female form)

I'm sure there'll be some of this, I personally can't wait until white
men _can_ jump (movie's right, we can't). But substance will no doubt
follow style for a good long time to come. What's more likely to be
seen on the road: good gas mileage or a good bumper sticker? There will
be some who use it to extend their own abilities, but they will likely
be outnumbered by those who use it to extend their appearance.

Suddenly I have images of bumper stickers on buttocks...

OTOH, beauty _is_ only skin deep. And when skin itself becomes a more
manageable medium we may get lucky and the prevalent memes change
(parameme shift?) and suddenly the search for a mate becomes based more
on intellect and personality and compatibility and the like, and less on
physical attraction, which is an dynamic attribute. Okay, not too
likely. But, at the very least, the importance of the physical would
seem to diminish. Fabio's not all that special if any Tom, Dick or
Nadia can look like him.

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