Hot Chicks: (ws) body mods making life more fun...

Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 16:09:06 MST

 Star Trek conventions will take on a whole new meaning when fans can REALLY
 look like their favorite character! Every other gal looking like seven of
 nine or Dax (just as hot in my opinion) would be fantastic. >>

Ok thanks for sharing adolescent fantasies.
Ahem. Ever read Stepford wives?
(Now if you can also program them to tell you you are the best lover in the
universe whether or not that's true....)

I HOPE TO GOD modifications will be adopted to make people *more* of an
individual and not bring even more soulless clones into existance. Fish eyes
and feathers, bring it on....
But more bland female model types, and isipid GQ types and we can all
...CONFORM!! CONFORM!!! More more : Monotony, tedium, banality.

But then with everyone so hot here in LA to buy an S.U.V. and fit in , even
though that's the dumbest city vehicle in existance, I guess we will see a
lot of Scullies and Julia Roberts ( or whatever the current fashion models
look like) running around.


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