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Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 20:35:52 -0800From: Spike Jones <>
Subject: Re: Body mods [Was: best-of-extropians]Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
>Entire themed conventions full of people looking like
>Neo and Trinity, or Buffy and Angel, or Marge and Homer...
>A convention of Buffy's? Kewwwalllll.... {8^D----------------------

How many times have you seen "Cruel Intentions" Eliezer?? My friends and I
saw it last summer on video and they howled at the sexual machiavelliism. I
don't know if you would like "Buffy" being a bad girl, though. :)

Star Trek conventions will take on a whole new meaning when fans can REALLY
look like their favorite character! Every other gal looking like seven of
nine or Dax (just as hot in my opinion) would be fantastic. And I warn you
all, don't attend an H.P. Lovecraft/Call of Cthulhu convention!! I must
admit I wouldn't mind an X-files convention with alot of agent Scully's
walking around... :)

Could you imagine highschool in the year 2070? "Oh, look at Julia, she
still is using the retro Cindy Crawford body mod, how out of date!" And in
the student handbook there would be a long list of body mods that are
strictly forbidden! Bioscanners at all exits would detect any hidden

How many people here have read the science fiction novel "Armed Memory?" It
has a character who is the Bill Gates of body mod tech and as his trademark
is always seen in different forms. The villians are a gang/cult of body
modifiers who have taken on the humanoid form and function of deadly
hammerhead sharks! Their leadership live deep in the ocean as true sharks
the size of blue whales. It was a fun and also short read with good
characters and suspense.

In the a recent Wired issue, author Neil Gaiman said how he looks forward to
parties where he sees body mods so extreme people have a gold fish aquarium
as a functioning "eye" in their face and feathers growing out their back.
The future should be interesting.


John Grigg

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