Re: Interview with the Bioethicist

From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 13:10:03 MST

At 01:17 PM 02/08/2000 -0500, John Clark wrote:

> >Jonsen is against the legalization of euthanasia; [...] Do any of
you have
> >suggestions re: what questions I should ask him
>Yes. Why is the decision of your neighbor to end his life any of your
>and why should your opinion of this action carry more weight than that of the
>party it most directly concerns?

   IAN: Jonsen's decision can carry more weight
   because, with the State, he's got more fire-
   power -- the ethics of might makes right.

  "There are times when you cannot keep your job and
  put alternative explanations for data on the table."
   Former FBI Special Agent Dr. Frederic Whitehurst


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