Re: best-of-extropians?

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 21:36:45 MST

Loree Thomas writes:

> I know I'm taking this too seriously (I do see the emoticon), but among
> this group I didn't expect to encounter a snicker and a sly wink toward
> the body mod crowd.
Err, the "snicker/sly wink" (rather a guffaw) was directed more
towards the consent thing. Heck, who needs consent? We'll won't even
ask. We'll just INFLICT IT UPON THEM, MUAHAHAHAHA! ;))) (<-- I hope
THIS time it's really really obvious. Nothing goes over a >Herr
Mengele, M.D, incurable erotophonophiliac).

You're definitely taking this way too seriously.
> As a transhumanist, I don't see any alternative to endorsing the concept
> of "informed consent" wholeheartedly. I have already encountered areas
> where I wanted to ingest a prescription drug for which I didn't have any
> of the indications listed in the PDR.
No problem here either. Freedom in the pursuit of your own happiness,
and all that. Bloodsport, apotemnophilia, be my guest.

> I can envision future medical procedures I might desire (cryonics!)
> where the only way any competent medical professional will perform the
> requested service is on the basis of informed consent.

> So that leaves the door open for apparently extreme procedures that you
> personally don't see the value in. So what?

One body's extreme is other body's vanilla. Do as thou wilt, provided
nobody (provided, they explicitly so wish) gets hurt.

> Personally, I have no problem at all with the body mod crowd and as
> nanotech comes online, I'd expect to (look forward to, really) see some
> really wild modifications, including tails, whole body fur (tiger

I have nothing whatsoever against extreme body mods. In fact,
uploading is probably the most extreme body/mind mod thinkable, and
I'm firmly pro it.

> stripes anyone?), examples of every humanoid alien from every movie or
> TV show, gills, primary and pastel colors for skin, third eyes and
> more... limited only by the imagination of humans/transhumans.

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