Re: Astronomy:Origin of Planets.

Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 12:25:23 MST

EvMick wrote:

> Wandering the web I found the following.


> It relates to an earlier discussion on
> this list regarding Velikovsky. I find
> it interesting that BBC would be so
> brazen as to publish such a thing!!

> Get out the pitchforks and torches!!

Whoa, there, EvMick! You're shooting from
the hip. You suggest that the theory in
question is as ridiculous as Velikovsky,
and it isn't so. Actually, this theory has
little common with Velikovsky. Yes, it has
the orbits of planets changing over time,
but that's where the similarities end.

Without going into detail, the time frames
are entirely different. Velikovsky has
planets rocketing around the solar system
during the brief duration of human history.
This theory involves gradual changes in
planetary orbits over hundreds of thousand
of years. Totally different animal.

As for the BBC being "brazen" in publishing
it, you failed to note that (ahem) the journal
"Nature" published it first. Obviously,
it must have survived a fair degree of

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