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Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 20:15:06 MST

Queenemuse wrote:
There are a lot of skeptics about Cryonics, even amongst extropians.
I for one don't subscribe. I am more than a "bit" negative. I think it's not
feasible. Actually, I am not being negative. I am being true to my self. To
reason as I see it. For a lot of reasons i think it's not going to work, at
least not how we are freezing corpsicles today. Not to mention my concern
about the organizations themselves lasting as long as the Dead Dwellers'

There are some signed-up cryonicists right now who would totally agree with
you on the real feasiblility of cryonics as it is presently done! But
advances have been made by 21st Century Medicine that when implemented (that
may take several years) will greatly reduce brain structure fracturing.

So get signed up for cryonics as soon as possible because you have at least
some chance with a cryonics policy and none without it, in the event of
sudden death. And everyone should WITHOUT EXCUSE be signed up for a
decently sized life insurance policy so they will not wind up where they
want a cryonics policy but due to age or sudden chronic illness they cannot
afford one.

Saul Kent, the co-owner of the Life Extension Foundation and a very
successful businessman, will be moving forward in the near future to raise
capital for two of his ventures, 21st Century Medicine and also LifeSpan
Genetics (which is building upon new techniques for measuring the aging
process, using gene chips).

He also is going to have a fundraising initiative soon to seek donations for
improved brain cryopreservation. The work will be directed by Doctor Greg
Fahy. This will go beyond the already impressive advances which his people,
lead by Doctor Fahy, have discovered. And this is where we all come into
the picture by putting our money where our mouth is.

Queenemuse wrote:
Still I have considered (though as yet decided against) signing up, just to
fund researching reanimation. Better, if I was richer, I'd fund research for
a cure for aging and death itself. Even better, get a personal trainer and
get my heart in the best shape it could be.. damn, anyone want to buy some
extropic art? Anyway...

You can make donations to help fund cryonics research without signing up. I
will make everyone aware when Saul Kent starts his fundraising for improved
brain cryopreservation.

I have also fantasized about how I would fund all my favorite organizations
and projects if I were only a billionaire!! :) By the time I was done the
Extropian Institute, Prometheus Project, Foresight Institute, 21st Century
Medicine, Cryocare, Alcor, ACS, CI and Eliezer's Singularity Institute would
all be extremely well-funded.

Queenemuse wrote:
The important thing is: superlongevity and the hope of finding a cure for
death is getting airplay. Nano is getting airplay. Natasha and Max are
being interviewed. Ralph is being interviewed.
The sad thing is that these same dumb networks who display all kinds of
healthy skepticism for techno tend to promote (without a shred of evidence)
all kinds of Uri Geller, afterlife, X files claptrap ..ostensibly to
get ratings.... damn!: D- -Queen Evilfoof

Extropian themes are getting an incredible amount of exposure now with the
millennial fever going on and the realization that the world is progressing
so fast. I am glad Max, Natasha and others are being seen and heard in the
mass media. I am amazed and so happy that nano is getting the funding and
respect (same thing?) it deserves. I still remember a "Scientific American"
article that shredded my newborn faith in nano which came after reading a
Robert Frieta's article in a science fiction magazine.

Television programming is about getting ratings, no doubt. But as public
interest shifts this will cause the mass media to focus even more on
transhumanist themes. But I must admit I enjoy the X-files.

I still am amazed how being a transhumanist does not automatically mean that
one is a cryonicist. I realize the techniques must be improved but with
proper financial backing they will get there. Already, the 21st Century
Medicine breakthroughs will make cryonics infinitely more likely to get us
to the future we dream about.


John Grigg

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