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Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 23:47:45 MST

"Robert J. Bradbury" wrote:

> > but if you do something in a foreign country that it legal there, but
> > illegal in the U.S., or in your home state, you can be prosecuted when
> > you get back, as in the U.S. companies that payed the expected foreign
> > backsheesh and then got prosecuted.
> I believe in the cases you cite Phil, the obivious solution
> is to give up your U.S. citizenship before you get adventurous.

Another solution is to live overseas and reveal as little as possible about
what you're doing there...just have to mail those tax forms back to the US
every year, but that $70,000 deductible certainly helps.

Funny that it almost seems like Hong Kong (now a part of evil Communist
China) is more free than the US in some respects owing to the greater
degree of chaos over here...for example the digital DJ thing I'm doing, as
I understand it mp3 DJing is illegal by definition under US and most
European copyright laws, though I'm not sure anyone's been busted for it
yet. But here in HK, getting charged with violating copyright would be
absolutely we can continue our artistic investigations in

> Legally it would seem they would be on very swampy ground trying to
> prosecute the activities of non-citizen in foreign lands.

Ha. But I wouldn't say there is no precedent at all, what about Noriega?

John von Seggern
digital DJ -- producer -- bassist
Digital Cutup Lounge
Hong Kong

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