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From: phil osborn (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 23:59:52 MST

But, this has been going on for a LONG time. Just as the good German
doctors didn't start out to wipe out the Jews - they were just trying to do
the "right thing" (euthanasia) by their poor, hopeless, (assumed to be)
genetically predetermined mental patients. But then the definition of
mentally defective got widened and the NAZIs broadened it further to include
the entire gene pool of the Jews, Gypsys, etc.

So, try writing a modern day Lolita... I was once thinking about going down
to TJ, where there is allegedly a prostitutes union - Los Magdelenes,
semi-sponsored by the U.N. human rights commision - and advising them on
how to set up a website. Right now, the prostitutes in TJ, largely 15-18
year old kids from the villages who find that there's no other work
available, are subject to all kinds of dangers and abuses by the corrupt
system. Plus, they spend most of their waking and working hours standing
uselessly on the sidewalk, by the hundreds, hoping that someone will pay
them $10 or $20 for fifteen minutes of actual work. It would be relatively
easy to set up worldwide liassons on the web, and eventually upgrade the
working conditions, improve the pay, reduce the risks, etc., possibly moving
to something like the Italian Bordello system.

So... A former cop advised me on what I was getting into. Just for
attempting to contact the union to give them free advise would likely net me
years in prison once I got back accross the border - if the Mexican mafia
didn't kill me beforehand. (Just as the typical naive American who buys
drugs in TJ is immediately turned in to the border authorities by the seller
- for a kickback.)

There are a lot of categories of speech that are already outlawed as prima
facia parts of a criminal conspiracy - as what I was considering - never
mind that prostitution is not criminal in Mexico - hate to mention this, but
if you do something in a foreign country that it legal there, but illegal in
the U.S., or in your home state, you can be prosecuted when you get back, as
in the U.S. companies that payed the expected foreign backsheesh and then
got prosecuted. Now the authorities are going after guys who have sex with
under-aged girls in Guatemala, etc., never mind that what is "under-aged"
varies wildly from state to state in the U.S.

Anyway, the camel already has put his nose in for some time. You know the
rest. If you want to stop it, then you have to deal with the "BUT WHAT

>From: "Ross A. Finlayson" <>>Subject: Re: Outlawing drug
>speech - EEK!
>Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 12:37:29 -0500
>Here's one:
>"How to smoke marijuana:
>1: acquire or make smoking utensil
>2: acquire or grow marijuana
>3: put that in your pipe and smoke it"
>Here's another one:
>"Put seed in ground."
>"Grow plant to make paper on which Constitution is written."
>The no-speech provision of that bill is preposterous. I doubt even the
>clueless representative could claim that it does not violate the First
>Amendment to the Constitution, and none could rightly do so. To claim that
>discussed bill provision (not necessarily the rest of the bill) does not
>violate the First Amendment is blatantly unconstitutional; the Constitution
>is American, ergo, supporters of this bill provision are un-American.
>Viewed broadly, this bill provision outlaws chemistry class and all
>chemistry teachers, by extension, math, physical science, etc.
>There is specific judicial precedent that it is unconstitutional to
>legislate the "intent" of free speech.

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