Re: High Energy Densities (DuoDex after all?)

Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 23:23:00 MST

I didn't and I suppose I should have quoted your article and the presentation
made. Everyone has their own level of interest. For me, this sounds
impossible; the 'researcher' needs empirical evidence, peer reviewed to
garner my interest. You may or may not know how easy it is for some con
artist or schmuck to set up a website and do Html magic tricks. Caveat: The
farther one goes into a sustained technological future; the more likely new
inventions, processes & discoveries become. If the inventor is pimping energy
paradise just around the corner; I'd say he/she is wrong-o!

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> Do any of you techie types know if this is legit or not? Do you think the
> book might be worth reading?
> EvMick (quantum truckdriver)
> Okie City.

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