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Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 11:53:43 MST

You said...

Regarding Aging and Life Extension:

Sometimes I get the feeling that you guys are really that interested in
life-extension, because I'm not hearing any real plans for finding ways to
help promote research or real scientific ideas in this area. In a way, that
scares me, because I'm pretty sure that all are the only ones vocal enough
to have started caring about it in the first place.

OR, as my boss has said repeatedly--"don't confuse effort and results". Are
we just so much mush--sitting around and telling each other how great
transhumanism is? Or are we going to do something...
I say...

I'm the guy who frequently sticks his nose into this group and says "what
are you DOING", to your questions above, In December of 1998 I spoke
with Bill Gross of Idealab about promoting life extensionist principles on
the web in a stealthy manner...(to get past the memeplexes). He was jazzed,
and in May, Idealab allocated capital for ventures on this trajectory, and
recently invested in startups , and

reducing costs of medical procedures is a slam dunk life extensionist
if the heart transplant costs $150,000 and I can't afford it, that could be
PROBLEM. If I could get procedures of the same quality for dramatically
less cost, I might survive longer. That's the HealthAllies business.

The PersonalMD approach is ..."The first consumer-oriented health
information site that has the potential to save lives by providing consumers
with the ability to truly take control of their own health records. This is
especially important in emergency situations, where a physician might need
someone's medical information immediately. makes it possible
to find the medical and health information people need, from their own
confidential medical records to scientific breakthroughs in disease
management and health issues, by just pointing and clicking."

here's a couple of editorial points of view...

$4+ million dollars was steered into near term practical life extension
(I also invested personally cause the real test is "money where your mouth

These sites may sound pedestrian, but please be assured that their current
offerings are the just the beginning.

I'm absolutely delighted at hearing that more folks on this list are
"getting busy", or if they already were busy, are telling others about
it...even writing the president is DOING something!!! Most breakthru
initiatives when begun are all but hopeless and appear logically insane.

We should promote a new meme..."I'm not waiting for someone else...i'm gonna
find a way to do it MeSelf!"

the nag

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