SOC/BIO: Anti-genengineering activity

Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 14:40:02 MST

FYI: Here's just one example of the kind of anti-genetic engineering stuff I
encounter in my monitoring of the Greens. Note that these folks now clearly
link opposition to non-agricultural uses of genetic engineering into the same
movement that has already declared victory against "GM crops".

Just for the record, I DID predict that European anti-GM sentiment would
result in trade tension and, ultimately, capitulation by US govenrment and
industry. The momentum is all on their side right now; opposition to Green
genetic luddism is poorly organized and not energized by the kind of
widely-accepted, unifying ideological underpinnings enjoyed by the Greens.

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The 4th International Grassroots Gathering on Genetic Engineering:
Resistance and Solutions to the Corporate Monopoly on Power, Food and

Boston, March 24-30, 2000
Teach-in / Rally and Parade / Nonviolent Direct Actions

**** Join activists, scientists, farmers, and people from around
**** the world for a week of education, strategy and empowerment.
**** Help build a visible and unified movement against
**** genetic engineering and protest BIO 2000, the largest-ever
**** convention of the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

MARCH 24-25 - Teach-in / Counter-conference: Explore the effects of
engineering on our health, the environment, farms and society, help
community-centered solutions, learn and develop organizing and action
and more.

Panel and workshop topics will include:

* Damaging health effects of genetically engineered foods
* Adverse environmental impacts of genetic engineering
* Demystifying human genetics and medical biotechnology
* Seeds, family farms and the future of organic food
* Biotechnology and corporate globalism
* Biopiracy and patents on life
* Dumping of engineered foods in the "third world" and inner city
* Corporate and government agendas for biotechnology
* Resisting corporate control over our food and health
* Corporate campaigns, popular education and direct action strategies

Featured speakers include Vandana Shiva (RFSTE, India), José Bové
(Confédération Paysanne, France, tentative), Ruth Hubbard (Harvard
University, tentative), Hope Shand (RAFI), Steve Wilson and Jane Akre
(formerly of Fox TV), Jonathan King (MIT), Brian Tokar (Institute for
Ecology), Beth Burrows (Edmonds Institute), Charles Margulis (Greenpeace
USA), Martin Shaw (GenetiX Snowball, UK), Jim Thomas (Greenpeace UK),
Lawn (Fedco Seeds), Martha Crouch (former plant molecular biologist),
Newman (Council for Responsible Genetics), Orin Langelle (ACERCA) and
numerous artists and performers, including members of the Bread and
Theater, and the band Seize the Day from London.

This is the fourth in a series of international grassroots gatherings,
began in St. Louis in July 1998, and continued with events in New Delhi
(March 1999) and Seattle (May 1999). The conference is organized by
Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering, People's Earth Network
and the Institute for Social Ecology, and co-sponsored by the Council
Responsible Genetics, Greenpeace USA, Native Forest Network, Edmonds
Institute, ACERCA (Action for Community and Ecology in the Rainforests
Central America) and many others.

MARCH 26 - Public Rally, Parade and Street Theater: A festival of
resistance against genetic engineering and the BIO convention.

MARCH 27-30 - Continuing Actions*: A wide variety of nonviolent actions
festivities will be occurring throughout the week to resist the
Biotechnology Industry Organization convention.

For more information, please contact:

Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering
(802) 454-9957,

People's Earth Network
(617) 524-7841,

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