Re: The end of Apocalypses?

From: m (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 21:30:40 MST

--- Harvey Newstrom <> wrote:
> > He opined that popular predictions of the apocalypse, the
> Rapture, the
> > End of the World, tend to peter out after 2000. In fact, there
> are no
> > religious -- presumably he meant Christian -- predictions of the
> end of
> > the world with deadlines after 2012.
> I doubt the Christians will run out of Apocalyptic scenarios. They
> have
> been predicting the end of the world within the next decade for
> 2000 years.
> I remember the end of the world be signaled by man on the moon, the
> energy
> crisis, when the planets aligned, Iraq/Iran, the European Union,
> the United
> Nations, Clinton, Y2K.... There will always be signs of the
> end-times. I
> see no reason for that to stop now.
I would also add that comparitively few christians (even amongst
apoclayptics) actually believe that Christ would return on a
"special" date such as New Year's Day 2000. Most do not try to give
an exact date, at least that I have seen, or even frown upon it,
apart from saying "soon".

As for planetary alignments, I seem to keep hearing of so-called
alignments which *themselves* are wrongly assigned to some such
"significant" date (including 1.1.2000).

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