Re: USA Political Sytem - Hoax?

From: Neal Marin (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 14:03:10 MST

> 2. Suppose there are about 20 people in the world
> who
> realize that the so-called "USA political system" is
> a hoax;
> should these people keep quiet about the hoax, or
> should
> they attempt to expose it?
> 3. If some of these 20 people decide to attempt to
> expose
> the hoax, how should they go about it?

    It depends- do they care if they get hurt in the
process? If they don't, they can do just about
anything they want as long as it reaches the public
-shouting on street corners, internet postings,
newspapers (providing of course that these aren't
being censored on the topic), etc., and just watch out
whenever the sharpshooters start taking aim on the
roof. Their attempt to break the secret out into
public display would probably be short, bloody, and
quickly buried. Although that in itself could be
considered suspscious...'whydaya think the anarchist
was found shot through the head, joe bob?'
    If they want to stay in one piece, that would be
beyond stupid.*shrugs*
    Well, don't vote for anybody who you think might
be tied in with the hoax. Don't let your parents vote
for them either. And what kind of hoax is it? A small
one not unlike some of the ones that have
theorectically gone on through history...or one of
the X-files-like scenarios? I'd think talking about it
during small 'dinner parties'... dragging in as many
people as possible... a lot like what revolutionaries
and rebels have done throughout time. If there's
people in other countries aware of it, their course of
action would depend entirely on their place in
society... meetings of course could be held, if
they're in politics themselves, they could bring it up
possibly....*mutters something to herself* Is this
with or without bloodshed? Most deep conspiracies or
hoaxes would probably result in a lot of bloodshed
upon being discovered. *glances at the clock and
groans* Nevermind. Read the little I have written and
laugh merrily, for I very much doubt it to be either
understandable or worth the dissection.

-Neal, Unintelligable.


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