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Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 19:51:20 MST

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> "Emlyn" <> writes:
> > Anders wrote:
> > > Unfortunately the current continental distribution
> > > favors ice buildup on the northern hemisphere; I think we need to fix
> > > that... :-)
> >
> > I'm more than happy for you guys to keep all the ice.
> Sure you don't want a few meters of snow?

I've got a break from coding in an hour or so (got to be strict in the home
office, not spend too much time on-line - d'oh! too late). I'm heading down
the beach, as is fast becoming my habit; floating around in the lazy swells
of a calm bay, pondering the horizon and the sky. It does wonders for
residual stress.

So when I'm bobbing about, blue sky, blue clear water, golden sand, maybe
I'll put some think time in on whether I could live without that snow. Or
maybe I wont bother...

> One thing I noted in my reading on glaciations was all the new land
> that emerges when the glacial sheets expand and lower the sea
> surface. Especially Indonesia gets a lot of real estate close to the
> equator. So if we notice the end of the interglacial, we better start
> buying "worthless" small islands around Teranesia or so, and then just
> wait... :-)

Should be cheap; there's a lot of (populated) islands in the south pacific
who are worried about going under in the near future. I reckon they might
sell up for plane fare.


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