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Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 21:59:35 MST

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<< I recently rented (and subsequently bought) a videotape of the Truman Sow.
 Incredible movie. >>

    You mean you haven't got a DVD player yet? Oh Randy get with the times
video is sooooo 2nd Millennium.
    I forget who came up with that line but I thought it was priceless.
    That is a great movie though isn't it. As far as acting, Carrey blew
Truman away when he played Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon.

<<When Truman came up against the wall at
the end of his world, it reminded me of my own revelation that death,
although accepted as inevitable by all those around me, may not be so
inescapable as it appeared to everyone else.>>

    I can relate to that too. Very often when people bring up the topic of
death, I will inevitably mention that death "may" not be inevitable. When I
try to explain that it is really just a problem with biology and it can be
corrected, I usually get a look as if I just tore off my face and reveled
some terrifying Sci Fi creature. I never understood why this should come as
a shock to people these days. As a species human kind has been searching for
the answer to immortality from the moment we realized that we are alive. We
have been searching for answers and now we are coming up with answers that
don't involve having to die to get there. Seems to me that there should be
less "faith" involved in physical immortality than the leap of faith or
gamble that there may be a spiritual after life involving a transference into
another dimension, an alternate reality or even an unseen UFO in the tail of
a comet. To me these are no longer valid options.
    Then there is the old why would anyone want to live forever refrain. If
someone truly does not care if they die than they are not really living to
begin with. Ask the same person if they would be willing to die tomorrow and
the answer is almost always "no". It should be obvious... That is the whole
point! Perhaps it's just another step in evolution or natures way of
choosing it's Immortals.


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