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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 07:42:38 MST

"Evan Brown" <> writes:

> It'll be particularly interesting to see how nations whose economy is based
> entirely on the oil trade will react to a mass exodus towards fuel cells et
> al. What will Kuwait do when our infrastructure runs on alcohol? And can we
> expect Liqueur manufacturers/OPEC mergers? (Welcome to Seagram's-Kuwait
> International Airport).

As an engineer from Kuwait Oil told me, they are not worried at all
about cars running on things other than gasoline - they would still
make money from selling their petrochemicals for all the other
industries. In fact, at least here in Sweden most gas stations seem to
make more money on being corner shops for food, toys and other stuff
than selling gasoline. The engineer was actually quite happy about
fuel cells, since he believed they would have a positive environmental
impact, even if he wasn't convinced biotech production of fuel would
ever be useful.

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