Re: Can We 'Break the Universe'? Re: False Vacuums.

Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 23:39:42 MST

Edd-first is this Baxter fellow a 'degreed' thinker; a man or women of
letters? Is it anything like Julian Barbour's own book on time? There have
been several false "false vaccum' scares over whether Fermilab, or Cern, or
Brookhaven's Synchrotron's will puncture the false vaccum that the universe
of matter developed in and it all goes whooshing away like the air from a
poped balloon. I take a look on Amazon and see if this book makes sense to
me-at least enuf to purchase.

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> I just finished reading S. Baxter's new book, 'Manifold Time'. Although I
> enjoyed reading it, the last 5-10 pages of this 400+ page book was very
> disturbing. And scary.
> In a nutshell, the discussion is that our universe, being metastable,
> not in its lowest energy state, is like living in the 'wrong
> The proclaimed goal, at least announced by some of our descendents a
> billion
> years hence, is to time-travel back to present day, and induce a quantun
> tunneling effect that brings back the universe to its 'true, vacuum
> This has the unfortunate 'side effect' of instantly destroying all of
> humankind, in fact all life forms, all matter in our 'false universe'.

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