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Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 18:47:24 MST

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Asunto: Re: Casimir effect energy extraction

> Wow, that is so loony but so great. So I wonder...
> 3) the first hard one: will this stuff, if it gets through #1 and #2, be
> able to compete with carbon-oxygen (combustion) energy tech? This
> includes all the sunk costs people account for. Most solar tech doesn't
> quite get it, yet, but some people are rich enough to do it anyway. This
> is where fuel cells are for the time being, but not much longer, we hope.

        Solar tech is not affordable because it is made unaffordable. Do you
really believes that an Intel Pentium III 500 Mhz is cheaper to mass-produce
than a square meter of solar cells?

> 4) the second hard one: what will the impact be, both of the MEMS
> manufacturing (probably manageable) and of massive tapping of the
> Casimir force, should it take place? And other typically unaccounted for
> costs, if any. Dilithium crystal Superfund site, anyone?

        So sorry, what is MEMS? Maybe I missed something on this thread?

> Bonus high weirdness question: what happens to space-time itself if too
> much Casimir energy is tapped? Paging Dr. Hawking...

*Casimir Force Power Station (uncolored special land)

When you play CFPS, if there is another Power Station in play, destroy that
Power Station.
Tap the CFPS to get one mana of any color.
If you have four CFPSs into play, tapping all four will produce: destroy all
enchantments, and creatures in play. Destroy also your opponent player,
and the whole solar system till Pluto.

(I REALLY HOPE there exists some blue counterspell for this one... :P )



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