RE: No, no, *I*'m the toad! *I* get to be the toad! Me! Me! (was Re: For your amusement [Fwd: Your 'Dogma'])

From: Rick Strongitharm (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 17:47:29 MST

"presumably" enjoyable?


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Re: For your amusement [Fwd: Your 'Dogma'])

Geeze, sounds like he was *licking* toads...


Max More wrote:
> I thought some here might enjoy this email I just received. I found it
> amusing but not interesting enough to reply to.
> Max
> >with same? Your 'manifesto' reads very much like 'Think as I think or
> >you are a toad.' Rather be a toad Max than follow your 'New Golden Age
> >Reason' path which as history has repeatedly demonstrated leads directly
to a
> >well of misery. Have fun with your mental masturbation and intellectual
> >circle jerk friends Max. John

I have never understood why masturbation, a clean, safe and presumably
enjoyable act for many, should be so denigrated. Actually examining the
analogy, among other things, I have never been able to fail to notice
that the general domain of mental "sex", supposedly superior in every
way, would have to include: mental rape; the transmission of
mentally-trasmitted, and other, diseases; the creation of unwanted
mental children, some of which will become antisocial, some the result
of mental incest or inbreeding; and sleeping on the mental wet spot.

He doesn't even know you don't kick agnostics off the list. ;) :)

Toadly, like, fer sher,


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