Re: Atheist Propoganda?

From: Michael Hollomon, Jr. (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 10:48:55 MST

I am new to this list so excuse me if I am mistaking your irony for a
statement of your actual opinion. But just in case you really feel that
way, I would have to disagree. Kicking in your neighbors' teeth at every
opportunity would leave one with very few neighbors (or at least very few
friendly neighbors). One thing human history has shown us is that people
working together can almost always accomplish more than an individual
working alone.

Once I was a fundamentalist Christian (if you must know, now I am agnostic)
so maybe that "love your neighbor" stuff is indelibly ingrained on my
psyche. But I am convinced that one of the characteristics that will mark
posthuman society is universal tolerance, empathy and cooperation; "love" if
you will. Try as I might, I can't envision posthumans going around kicking
each others teeth in. In fact with the amount of knowledge, and hence
destructive power, which will likely be available to each posthuman
individual, their society would indeed be very short-lived without a great
deal of "love" for ones fellows.

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>It's a pity for those poor right-leaning religious folks that their
>religions are based on commie propaganda such as being nice to other
>The wisdom of hindsight tells us, in this bright new century, that the only
>truly ethical way to coexist with one's neighbours is to attempt to kick
>their teeth in at any opportunity. To do less would be innefficient, which
>is clearly the blackest sin immaginable.

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