Re: ASTRO: Dark Matter problem gets worse!

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2000 - 21:20:36 MST

Nope, because each time the universe splits, the whole universe is
duplicated, but the two universes are outside of each others' light
cones and can never interact. Or so I seem to recall it being explained
to me. wrote:
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> > There are at least two pieces of evidence for the notion that galaxies are
> > more massive than we can account for by the visible stars and dust in those
> > galaxies. (There are probably others that I'm not aware of.)
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> <snipped.....very excellent summation>
> One thing that's got me curious though is the "many worlds theory"of Everitt.
> According to my (very limited) understanding of Quantum Mechanics
> suggested by the dual slit photon interference studies.....Everett suggested
> that it might all be explained by multiple <infinite?> parallel universes...
> Might not the parallel universe concept explain the missing mass?
> EvMick
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